MyoKinesthetic Treatments

M.P.U.L.S.E Control! The MyoKinesthetic System is completely unique. It is unlike anything on the market. It is not a repackaged technique. It is unique and revolutionary.

Quite simply, it is the power to heal people at the root of the problem. With the MyoKinesthetic System, you won’t treat an area. You’ll change the nervous system using the M.P.U.L.S.E system of soft-tissue work:

  • MyoKinesthetic System – group muscles by nerve innervation
  • Pain nerve and muscular – nerve and muscular pain disappears when patient stands
  • Unbalanced posture – now balanced after treatment
  • Limited range of motion – motion and function back to normal
  • Strengthen weak muscles – specific home exercises to nerve and posture problems
  • Evaluation and assessment – step-by-step process to ensure correct treatment

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