Tips for Seeking Out a Chiropractor

Posted by Cornerstone-Brian on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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If you’re in need of chiropractic care, of course you want to find a chiropractor who is knowledgeable and capable. Chiropractic care can be intensive, so you need to feel confident that your chiropractor knows what he or she is doing.

Here are a few tips for finding quality chiropractic care.

Get a referral.

Ask people you trust if they’ve received chiropractic care and if they were pleased with the results. Friends, neighbors, and family members can all be useful resources. If you can get a recommendation from your primary doctor, all the better.

Check if the recommended chiropractors are covered by your insurance.

Of course, you want to use your benefits if you’re able to. However, if you’ve received a strong recommendation from someone not on your insurance list, consider out of network benefits or private payment.

Check on credentials.

Check out your state licensing board’s website to confirm the qualifications of the chiropractor you’re considering. This will also allow you to see if any disciplinary action has been taken against a specific chiropractor.

Research the condition for which you are seeking treatment.

Whether you suffer from back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and other musculoskeletal conditions commonly treated by chiropractors, you should be able to find credible resources online to tell you more about your condition and the methods used to treat it. Use this information to write down a list of questions you have for your chiropractor,

Visit the practice’s website directly.

If your chiropractor has their own website, and many do, it can be an informative tool. This will allow you to get a feel for the chiropractor’s methods of care and their priorities. Are they patient-oriented? Are they consistent with the scientific findings on your condition?

Call to get a feel as to whether the chiropractic is right for you.

Once you have potential candidates, call and ask about appointment availability, insurance coverage, hours, and so on. This is a good way to get a feel for how the staff treats patients. You’ll want to look for patience, courtesy, and respect.

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