6 Unexpected Benefits You Get With Chiropractic Care

Posted by Cornerstone-Brian on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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Gresham locals in need of chiropractic care can seek professional chiropractic care at Hood View Chiropractic. Whether you need relief from back pain or headaches or are recovering from an injury, Hood View Chiropractic can offer experienced and qualified care. We offer a wide range of chiropractic techniques and treatment methods. When you first visit us as a new Gresham patient, we start with an assessment to determine your treatment needs. We can then recommend the best chiropractic method and techniques for treatment.

Chiropractic Offers Unexpected Benefits

Regardless of your reason for seeking chiropractic care, you may experience some unexpected health benefits aside from the initial reasons for which you sought chiropractic care. Here are six unexpected benefits you can also get with regular visits to your chiropractor at Hood View Chiropractic.

1. Chiropractic Care Can Boost Your Immunity

A healthy immune system should be able to fight off most of the bacteria and viruses that it comes into contact with, with only minimal assistance from antibiotics or other drugs. Because the nervous system controls the functions of cells, organs, and tissues of the body, a misalignment can reduce the ability of the immune system. Chiropractic care can realign the spine, freeing up the immune system to fight off intruders. Studies show that people who practice chiropractic maintenance have fewer colds than others.

2. Chiropractic Adjustments Can Improve Your Digestion

The nerves that run through the spine also control your stomach and its functions. If the vertebrae in this area are improperly aligned, the nerves can begin signaling a need for more acid production, resulting in gas, heartburn, and acid reflux. A chiropractic adjustment can help the nerves in the thoracic spine work properly; the end result is frequently the elimination of stomach problems.

3. Chiropractic Treatment Increases Your Energy

Chiropractic adjustments do this in two ways: First by reducing tension in the spine and second by freeing the nerves to work more effectively. Many times we’ve been sore and tense for so long that we don’t even notice it. Pain becomes normal to us. As our bodies struggle with muscle aches and pains and an ineffective nervous system, we find ourselves feeling run down and tired. Chiropractic adjustments remove all the pressure, freeing the body to run as it was designed to.

4. Chiropractic May Be Able To Lower Your Blood Pressure

A study performed by WebMD concluded that a chiropractic adjustment that specifically targets the nerves in the upper neck is as effective as taking a double dose of blood pressure medications. This specific manipulation is referred to in chiropractic circles as the “Atlas adjustment,” and is known to have stabilizing effects on blood pressure.

5. Chiropractic Care Can Help You Breathe Better

The lungs are just like every other part of the body in that they rely on nerve function to travel unimpeded from the brain to the spinal cord. A misalignment in the thoracic and mid-cervical regions of the spine can lead to lung abnormalities like asthma. Correcting subluxations can help reduce inflammation in the lungs and increase our ability to breathe properly.

6. Chiropractic Treatment Can Assist In A Healthier Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many significant changes that impact the nervous system’s function. Ligaments in the pelvic area loosen to enable childbirth; at the same time, weight increase in a woman’s core can lead to an instability that places increased pressure on an expectant mother’s spine. Regular chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can help ensure a healthier mother and child, as babies born to mothers who visit their chiropractors develop in a healthier environment than those who don’t.

Hood View Chiropractic Brings Gresham Health By Hand

Gresham patients can rely on Hood View Chiropractic for professional, experienced care. Whether you need chiropractic care, massage therapy, or one of our other services, a visit to Hood View Chiropractic means you are in the most caring and capable hands. The team at Hood View Chiropractic is experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your best health. We are proud to serve the Gresham area and are eager to help you live life, pain-free and stress-free. Contact us or call us today at (503) 669-1966.

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